Grinch Wreath


I know it’s late but if you’re anything like me if you start this now you may have it finished by Christmas. I think this was my first complete Pinterst project and therefore I don’t have step by step instructions or photos but I wanted to share it and hopefully inspire you. I purchased most of my supplies from Pat Catan’s and Hobby Lobby for cheap, unfortunately I don’t have the exact costs since this is an older project, and bought the wood from Lowes.

Wreath form -if you search on Pinterest there are many ways to make your own, like foam tubing, cardboard or a metal coat hanger but for the cost it was worth it for me to just buy one
Glass ornaments-dollar store or Marc’s, you can be creative and choose the ornaments that you like
Glue gun and glue sticks
Acrylic paint -red, green, white & black
Piece of wood -I was lucky and drew the shape on mine and my boyfriend was nice enough to cut it out for me with his saw
Lime green Deco Mesh ribbon

My first step after my boyfriend cut out the grinch face was painting it with a few coats of lime green acrylic paint to allow it to dry.

While I waited on that I gathered the deco mesh into small sections of gathered fabric and glued it to the wreath frame with the glue gun. This was my first time using the deco mesh and I had a hard time getting it just right. I remember gluing it on and pulling it off to get it right. I cut smaller lengths of the mesh and used multiple pieces to cover the entire frame, I used some wire to attach the mesh along with the glue gun. I can’t remember exactly but I think I was being cheap and next time would just do the mesh in one length which should be easier. I would watch a few videos on this before I used the deco mesh again.

After I had the entire frame covered with the deco mesh I added small strips of coordinated ribbon throughout the piece. You could do more or less or multiple colors until you get the desired look that you like.

Next, I glued in the glass christmas ornaments, I just played around with them until I liked the look and glued them to the mesh.

And finally, I finished up the painting on the grinch and glued him on. I’m decent at looking at characters and getting somewhat close to them (at least you can recognize the character) but I’m sure you could find a photo of the grinch online to print and trace if you need to. I love my wreath and never want to take it down but since I have to I may eventually make a grinch wreath for every holiday 🙂


My inspiration: